Art of Cocktails

Discover cocktail perfection at X.O Lounge Bar. Our expertly crafted libations are a fusion of artistry and flavor. Savor each sip as our mixologists blend premium ingredients into exquisite concoctions.

Art of Shishas

Unnoticed by most, our lounge bar offers an unparalleled shisha experience. Enjoy the soothing, fragrant smoke expertly prepared by our skilled hookah masters, who present an enticing array of flavors to tempt your senses.

Live Music & Games & Karaoke

Experience the perfect blend of entertainment at X.O Lounge Bar. Challenge your friends to thrilling games like Monopoly.

Feel the rhythm of the night with our live music performances, where talented artists set the stage on fire.

Our Specials Offers

Don’t miss out on our irresistible shisha offer at the lounge! For every two shishas you order, we’ll treat you to a complimentary third one. Indulge in the aromatic clouds of your favorite flavors and experience the ultimate relaxation. Gather your friends, unwind in our cozy ambiance, and take advantage of this limited-time offer. With our 2 shishas and the third one on the house, you’ll have even more reasons to enjoy an unforgettable shisha experience at our lounge. Join us and let the good times flow, one puff at a time.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer.

Double the shisha, triple the bliss! Treat yourself to the ultimate shisha experience at our lounge with our exclusive offer: 2 shishas and the third one on us. Indulge in the flavors.